Why is my class' score not showing up in the contest?

There are a few reasons why your students may be answering questions but not registering as participating in a contest

Common problems and solutions

Here are some areas to check to determine why your students' scores are not appearing in the contest:

  • Is your school set to the correct time zone? - If your school is set to the wrong time zone, the contest may not register as having started yet for your school. You can view and change your school's time zone in the School Details box. See this page for instructions on changing your school's settings. 
  • Is the correct class entered in the contest? - If two classes have similar names, it may be that the wrong class has been entered into the contest. See this page for instructions on entering classes into a contest. 
  • Are your students logging into the correct accounts? - Sometimes students will have duplicate accounts from previous classes or schools, and are logging into those accounts instead of the ones in the entered class. You can check your students' login details to be sure they're logging into the correct account by following the instructions on this page.
  • Have your students already answered 1,000 questions in the contest? - To encourage accuracy, we have a 1,000 question limit in contests. Once a student has answered 1,000 questions, any further questions answered will not count towards their contest score. You can view the number of questions each of the students in your class have answered in the contest by following the steps on this page.

If you've checked all the above and your students still aren't appearing in the contest, contact our Support Team at support@sumdog.com