How do I find and share my students' login details?

This article explains how your students log in, where you can find their usernames and passwords and how to print them.

All students log into Sumdog with their own username and password.

You can find their username and passwords on your teacher account, as well as print or export them to share with your students, parents or other teachers.

Either click play on our short video below or follow the step-by-step instructions underneath. 

1. Click 'settings' on your teacher dashboard

2. Click 'manage' in the 'manage students' box

3. On the top right, click 'login details'. 

4. Choose your class. 
Optional: if you need to view the login details for a different class, use the filters on the left. 

5. Now you can see the username, password and school code for each student. 

6. You can choose to export or print login cards by choosing an option on the bottom left corner of the screen.

Now you should be able to share your students' usernames and passwords and they can use them to log in.