How do I add teachers to classes?

Any teacher can assign another teacher to a class. You can also follow the instructions below to assign yourself to a class. 

  1. Click 'settings', which is on the blue bar at the top of your teacher account
  2. Click 'manage' in the box that says 'manage students'
  3. Find the class you're looking for. If you can't see it, click the 'show all classes' filter at the topshow all classes button
  4. Once you've found the class, click 'view details', which you'll see underneath the star on the rightview details for a class
  5. When you click this, it opens fields to edit. You'll see a list of the teachers already linked to the class. To add another, click 'select teachers'. This opens a list of all teachers on the teachers
  6. Choose the teachers you're adding (if you're adding yourself to a class, choose your name) and then click 'save' at the bottom left cornerteacher list

The teacher you've added can now see that class as their own on their main dashboard when they log in. Teachers can see the name of their class at the top left corner of their dashboard. If they have more than one class, they can click the name of the class do choose a different class.