One of my students can't see the work I've set -- what should I do?

Try these troubleshooting steps to determine why one of your students isn't included in the work you've set

1. Check that they are included in the task you set

The first thing to check is that the student is included in the work you've set. 

For Challenges:

  1. Go into Set Work and click 'create & view' in the Math Challenges box
  2. Click the name of the Challenge and then click 'view details
  3. Search for the name of the student. Are they listed?
  4. If the answer is no, edit the challenge to include them. Click here for instructions on editing a challenge.

For Assessments:

  1. Go into Set Work and click 'create & view' in the Assessments box
  2. Click the name of the challenge in the 'Your recent assessments' box on the right, then click 'results'
  3. Click 'detailed report' and search for the name of the student.
  4. If the student is not listed, edit the assessment to add them. Click here for instructions on editing an assessment.

2. Check that they've taken the diagnostic

If the student hasn't yet completed the diagnostic, they'll be unable to view any Set Work that is games-based (this includes all Set Work other than assessments and the Multiplication Tables Check).

Here's how to see if the student has a diagnostic still in progress:

  1. Go into Reports
  2. Click 'check' in the Diagnostic Results box
  3. If the student's diagnostic test date is appearing as 'in progress', they'll need to complete the diagnostic before they can access another Task. The diagnostic will appear on their student dashboard automatically.

For more information on viewing diagnostic results, click here.

3. Check that they are logging into the correct account

Sometimes students can accidentally end up with two accounts. This can happen if, for example, a new account was created when they moved up a year or they had an existing account from their old school.

Ask the child what username and password they are using to log in. Check if these login details are listed for their class in the Student Logins box on your dashboard.

pupil logins box


Here is more help to figure out if there are duplicate accounts for your student:

  1. Go to "manage students"
  2. At the bottom of the page, click "show filters and search" which opens up a search box. Enter the child's name. You might want to try just the first name incase their last name has been put in differently twice.
  3. If two names appear when you search, this means that two accounts are set up, and could suggest they are using the wrong one. 
  4. When you search, the results will show you the name of the class they are in, and when that account was last used.
  5. You want to make sure that the most recently used account is the one that is in your class. You can click and drag them if needed.