How can I use Sumdog challenges?

Mathematical challenges are a fun way to have your students focus on a particular math skill. Challenges can be set for classes or for particular students. Students earn coins as a reward for participating in challenges.

This is a premium feature.

How to create a mathematical challenge

  1. Click 'set work' at the top of your Teacher Dashboard
  2. Click 'set practice work' in the Math Challenges box
  3. Click on the ‘choose’ button next to the box that says ‘students’ to choose which students to create the challenge for
  4. Click on 'my classes’, ‘my groups’ or ‘other classes’ to expand the category to show a list of classes or groups. Click the box next to a class/group to select all students in that class/group OR click on a class/group to expand it further and select individual student names. Once you've selected the students you want to include in the challenge, click ‘done’ 
  5. Click 'choose' next to the box that says 'skills'.
  6. Click on a grade level to show the skill categories within that grade. You can continue to click the categories to expand into further subcategories. Click the box next to the skill or group of skills you want to include in your challenge. Please note, checking a box next to a skill category will select all the skills in that category.

    The skills you've selected will appear on the right. We recommend selecting 1 or 2 skills at most. This is because of the progression system, whereby pupils will need to get 80% accuracy in each step before they can move onto the next step or skill.
  7. Optional: Click ‘add another group’ and repeat steps 4-6 to create another challenge for a different set of students.
  8. Create the settings for your challenge:
    1. Title – Give your challenge a title. Your students will see this title on their account and it will help them identify the activity in their Tasks list.
    2. Current answer target – Set a target for the number of questions you want your students to get correct. They will earn bonus coins for answering this number of questions correctly.
    3. Available from and available until – This will be the period during which the challenge will be visible on the student’s account.
  9. Click ‘set challenge’