How can I use Sumdog Mathematics Assessments?

Assessments can be used to test your students’ understanding of a topic or to identify any gaps in their learning.

This is a premium feature. 


How Mathematics Assessments work

When a student takes an Assessment, they’ll be answering outside of Sumdog’s games, much like a paper test. The results are sent to you in real time and you can share or print these if you wish.

Assessments can be repeated for a class or student to see if they have shown an improvement. You can also create an assessment for your current class and repeat it for your class next year. 

Students are able to start the assessment and then stop and come back to it (as long as it’s within the time limit you have set).

How to create an assessment

  1. Click 'set work' at the top of your Teacher Dashboard
  2. Click 'create & view' in the Assessments box

    assessments card

  3. To create a custom assessment, click the tab that says 'create your own assessment'. If you'd like to use a pre-set assessment from our assessment library, click here for instructions

    create your own assessment tab

  4. Click ‘choose’ next to the Skills box to select skills

    assessment choose skills button

  5. Click on a grade to show all the skill categories within that grade. You can continue to click on skill categories to expand into further subcategories until you find the skill(s) you need. Click the box next to the skill(s) you would like to include. Selected skills will appear on the right. Once you've selected all your skills, click ‘generate questions’. 

    generate questions

  6. You'll then be shown the questions that will be asked in your assessment. To change a question, click on the blue refresh box on the top right. Click 'save' to close the box and return to the Set an Assessment page.

    preview assessment questions

  7. Click 'choose' next to the Students box.

    assessment choose students button

  8. Click on 'my classes', 'my groups', or 'other classes' to show the classes/groups in your school. Click on a specific class/group to show all the students in that class/group. Check the box next to a class, group, or individual students to select the students you want to include in your assessment. 

    Once you've selected your students, click click 'done'

    assessment student chooser

  9. Create the settings of your assessment:
    1. Title – Give your Assessment a title. Your students will see this title on their account and it will help them identify the activity in their Tasks list.
    2. Time allowed – This is how much time your students will have to complete the assessment once they have started it.
    3. Available from and Available until – this will be the period during which the assessment will be visible on the student’s account.
    assessment settings

  10. Click ‘set assessment’

    set assessment

How to view and edit an assessment

  1. Click 'reports' at the top of the Teacher Dashboard
  2. Click 'assessments'

    assessments tab

  3. To view the results of an assessment, click ‘report’ next to the assessment you would like to view. This will show you the data for the whole class. If you'd like to instead edit an assessment, skip to step 7.

    Tip: By default, only the assessments you've set yourself will be listed. To view assessments set by other teachers as well, click 'set by me' and change it to 'set by anyone'

    all assessments with report buttons highlighted

  4. Click ‘detailed report’ to view individual student results.

    detailed report

  5. On this page you'll be able to see each student's individual answers. A dash in the result means that the student ran out of time and couldn't finish the question. Click on the question number to see what each student answered for that question.

    assessment question numbers

  6. Click 'done' to return to the results page.
  7. To edit an assessment, click 'copy' next to the assessment you'd like to edit in the assessment list. 

    all assessments with copy button highlighted

  8. To change the skills included in the assessment, click ‘choose’ next to the Skills box and select the skills which will be included in the edited Assessment.

    To change the students included in the assessment, Select ‘choose’ next to the Students box and select the students you want to set the edited assignment for.

    To change the settings of the assessment, type in the new information in the Settings fields

  9. Click 'set assessment'