How do students complete the diagnostic test?

The mathematics diagnostic will start automatically for all new pupils when they first start using Sumdog. You can also reset the test manually. Read more.

There are 55 questions in total, split into 2 parts but don't worry, if a student isn't able to complete it in one sitting, they can continue where they left off the next time they log in.

It will start with some questions around their age-related level, and based on their first 15 answers it will give them a diagnostic test which is at the right level. 

Once they've completed the test, they can start playing games on Sumdog. 



1. Students log in and click 'start'

(If they do not see the below page, try clicking 'tasks' on the left)

childrens view of the diagnostic test

2. Students answer questions




3. Once finished, click 'done'

You'll receive a whole-class and individual student diagnostic report. Read more.