How do I reset my students' diagnostic test

If a student is seeing questions that are too difficult or easy, or if it has been several months since they last took the diagnostic, you can reset the diagnostic.

  1. Click 'reports' at the top of the Teacher Dashboard. Ensure you have selected your desired class and subject. You can change these using the dropdown menus at the top left
  2. Click 'check' in the Diagnostic Results box
  3. Click the refresh icon next to one of the students you would like to reset the diagnostic for. The student chooser window will pop up, and the student you clicked the refresh icon for will automatically be selected
  4. Select any additional students you would like to reset the diagnostic for by clicking the box next to the student’s name. Click 'next'
  5. Optional: If you’d like to customize the diagnostic (for example, if a student is working below level and may be put off by a too difficult pretest), click the dropdown menu on the right and select the grade you would like the diagnostic to be set at. 
  6. Click 'set test'. The diagnostic will then appear on the select student(s) dashboard