What will the diagnostic reports show me?

Find out how to view and interpret the math diagnostic results

How to view math diagnostic results

  1. Click 'reports'  at the top of the Teacher Dashboard. Ensure you have selected your desired class and subject. You can change these using the dropdown menus on the top left.
  2. Click 'check' in the Diagnostic Results box 

    diagnostic box

  3. View the overview of diagnostic results for your selected class. You can order your students by their diagnostic score or name by clicking on the table heading. If a student has ‘in progress’ under their diagnostic result, it means that they are still in the process of completing their math diagnostic
  4. Click on a student's score to see how they answered each question

    diagnostic scores

How to interpret the math diagnostic result

The math diagnostic result will give you a snapshot of your students’ progress in the curriculum. For example, a result of Mid Grade 4 means that your student has understood some of the skills in the Grade 4 curriculum but is still working on others.

You will also be able to see a stranded report which highlights areas of strength and weakness within the curriculum for each student.