How do I move schools?

Find out how to move your teacher account to a new school.

Note: It’s important to link your account to your new school before you add students to your class, as adding students to the wrong school will allow other teachers registered at the school to access student information

How to manually move your teacher account to a new school

If you are the only teacher on the school account, you will not be able to remove yourself from the school. Instead email and we will manually remove you from the school account.

Otherwise, follow the steps below:

  1. Click 'settings' at the top of your Teacher Dashboard

    teacher dashboard settings

  2. Click 'manage' in the Manage Teachers box

    manage teachers box

  3. Click 'remove' next to your name

    remove teacher from school

  4. You will no longer be linked to a school account. To join your new school, another teacher on the account must invite you to join. The instructions for inviting a teacher to join a school can be found here.
  5. Once a colleague has invited you to join the school, you will receive a link to your email. Click on the link and then click ‘switch schools’ at the bottom of the page. Your teacher account will then be moved from your old school's account to your current school's account. This will not move any student accounts.

Note: If you receive an invite from a school you are not currently teaching at, reject the invite by clicking on the link in the notification email and pressing ‘cancel’ at the bottom of the page.