How to create a new class

Find out how to create a new class by inputting the names of your students

  1. Select 'settings' at the top of the Teacher Dashboard
  2. Click on 'manage' in the 'manage students' box
  3. Click 'add a class'. This will allow you to create new student accounts or move existing accounts to a new class.
  4. Enter your class details. If the class is made up of students from different grades, choose 'mixed grades' when selecting the grade in the dropdown menu. Type in or copy and paste the first and last name of the students in the text box
  5. Click 'set up class
  6. Optional: If you selected 'mixed grades' in Step 4, you'll now be able to choose each student's grade from the dropdown menu. Click 'confirm ages'
  7. Optional: If there is more than one student in the school with a matching name, you need to confirm if the student you are adding has an existing account or if they are a new student. Click on the dropdown menu to view the other accounts with the same name. If one of the results is a student you are trying to add to a new class, select this account. If the student you are adding is a new student, click on 'create new'
  8. Click 'confirm matches' to create your class and add your students
  9. Print out the students' login details and a letter for parents (this can also be done later). Click 'finish' to complete the setup of your class and return to the dashboard