How do students take part in a contest as a student?

Find out how students take part in contests

Instructions for students taking part in a contest

  1. Have the student log onto their account. If the contest does not appear automatically on the student dashboard, select the contest from the Tasks list on the left (pictured below). If the contest is not visible on the dashboard or in the Tasks list, it means they are logged onto an account which has not been entered into the contest.

    student dashboard tasks

  2. Click 'start' and select a game from the games page. The questions answered in the games will count towards the contest

    contest start button


Answering questions in a contest


Students can answer questions at any time during the period of the contest, including outside of schools hours. As they answer the questions they'll be able to see the number of questions they've gotten correct out of the number of questions they've answered in total.

contest score


Only those questions answered while a Sumdog Maths Contest is selected as the chosen activity will count towards the contest score. If a student has been answering questions that are not part of the contest, they will not be added to the contest score. It’s still a great thing to see though!