How do I edit usernames and passwords?

There are a few ways to edit your students' usernames and passwords. Choose the best option below to be taken to the right instructions.


Option 1: Edit the login for 1 student

  1. On your teacher dashboard, scroll down to your class leaderboard - this is a list of the students in your class. If you have multiple classes, at the top left corner, you can switch between them.
  2. Find the name of your student
  3. Click 'account details' at the bottom blue bar
  4. Then click 'edit details' at the bottom blue 
  5. Make your changes and click done

Tip: You can also change their name, username, password and the grade that they are in.

Option 2: Edit the logins for multiple students

  1. Click 'settings' on the teacher dashboard on the top blue bar and 'manage students'
  2. Click 'login details' on the top right corner
  3. You'll now see a list of classes. Select your class and click 'next'. To see other classes, use the student filters on the left side. 
  4. Click 'edit' on the bottom blue bar
  5. You now have the option to click into any student's username and password and change them
  6. Once you're finished, click 'done' on the bottom right corner