How to view and spend coins

  • Coins can be earned in games or gifted to you by your teacher.
  • You can view your total coins when you log into your account at the top
  • Coins can be used to purchase clothing and house items in your House. Click here to find out more on how you can access your Sumdog House and purchase items from the store

Earning coins through games

You will earn coins on Sumdog for each question you answer correctly (on your 1st attempt) when playing any of the games. If you answer a question incorrectly you will not earn coins for that question.

Each question will show the number of coins that can be earned for answering the question correctly. This is displayed at the top left next to the question. Some of the questions can earn you up to 3 coins.

The coin bag at the bottom of the screen will show you how many coins you have earned in the current game.

Rewards from your teacher

Teachers can send you coins as a reward. (If you are a teacher click here to find out more information on how teachers can send rewards.)

If a teacher has sent you coins as a reward, you will see a pop-up message on your dashboard with the message from the teacher and the value of the coins. These coins will be added to your coins total.

Spend 20 minutes on Sumdog

You will be rewarded with 100 bonus coins when you spend 20 minutes learning on Sumdog. On your dashboard you will see a bar with a treasure chest at the end. Once you have spent 20 minutes on Sumdog in the week, the chest will open and reward you with 100 coins.

The 100 bonus coins will only be awarded once each week (Monday to Sunday). The bar will reset at the start of each week