How do I reward my class with coins?

You can reward your students with up to 200 coins per day using the Reward Your Class button

Note: You can send one reward per student, per day. 

This is a premium feature

How to reward your class

  1. First make sure you have the correct class selected on your dashboard, then click 'reward your class'

    reward your class

  2. Click 'choose students' to select which students you want to reward.

    choose students for reward 
  3. Click the names of the students you want to reward, or click 'select all of these students' to select all the students in the class. Once you've selected the students, click 'done'

    reward students student chooser

  4. Select the number of coins you want to give from the dropdown menu. You can select 50 coins, 100 coins, or 200 coins

    reward coins dropdown

  5. Type in a message to explain why you're rewarding your students. The students will see this when they receive the coins.

    reward students message
  6. Click 'send rewards'

Note: You can send one reward per student, per day.