What Educational Standards are available on Sumdog?

This page lists the standards available on Sumdog for math. You can find instructions on changing your school’s standards here


  • National Curriculum in England: Years 1-9
  • Northern Ireland Curriculum: Primary 2 to Year 10 
  • Scottish Curriculum for Excellence: Early Level to Third Level
  • Welsh National Literacy and Numeracy Framework: Years 1-9


  • Common Core State Standards: Grades K-8
  • Florida Standards MAFS: Grades K-8
  • Indiana Academic Standards: Grades K-8
  • Minnesota Academic Standards in Mathematics: Grades K-8
  • PA Core Standards Mathematics: Grades K-8
  • South Carolina Standards for Mathematics: Grades K-8
  • Texas Standards: Grades K-8
  • Virginia Standards of Learning: Grades K-8 in Virginia


  • Ontario Curriculum: Grades 1-8 in Ontario
  • Western and Northern Canadian Protocol Curriculum: Grades K-8 

Australia, New Zealand and Singapore

  • Australian National Curriculum: Foundation to Year 10
  • New Zealand Curriculum: Levels 1-5 in New Zealand
  • Singapore Syllabus: Primary 1 to S2 in Singapore