What are Tasks, and how do students choose them?

All activities available to a student will appear in their Tasks. Work set by a teacher will usually appear on the student dashboard automatically, but sometimes it may be necessary for a student to select a Task.


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How to select a Task

Students can choose what type of activity to engage in by selecting one of their Tasks. They can access a list of all the Tasks available to them by following these steps:

  1. Click on the Tasks button

    Tasks button

  2. Click on a Task from the list. 

    Tasks list

  3. The Task will then appear on the student's dashboard. They can begin the Task by clicking Start. 

    Start button

Guide to the different types of Tasks

Here are the types of tasks that may appear in a student's Tasks List: 

Tasks that are always available by default: 

  • Math/Spelling/Grammar Training: Students can select math training, spelling training, or grammar training to receive adaptive questions in that subject when playing games
  • Multiplication/Addition/Subtraction/Division Tables Practice: Students can select any of those four options to receive questions on those skills in games

Tasks set by a teacher:

  • Challenges/Competitions: Challenges and competitions will appear in the Tasks List under the name the teacher has given it. Challenges and competitions are game-based, so students will play games and answer questions just as if they're in regular training mode. 
  • Assessments: Assessments will appear in the Tasks List under the name the teacher has given it. Unlike Challenges, Assessments are not game-based.
  • Multiplication Tables Check: The MTC will appear under the name 'Multiplication Check'. It is not game-based.


  • Contests: If a teacher has entered the class into a national or regional contest, the contest will appear in the Tasks list during the time it is running. This type of Task will be listed as a Sumdog Contest. When participating in a contest, the student will play games as in math training, but their correct answers will count towards their Contest score.