*Why am I seeing a message that I can't add or remove teachers?*

Your school is set up via information shared with us from your school's information system via Clever or Wonde. This means changes to teachers and students need to be shared with us through your information system rather than in Sumdog Settings.

What does this mean?

What is my school's student information system?

How should I add teachers to Sumdog?

Common problems and solutions

What does this mean?

To save time on the admin of adding pupils, teachers and arranging classes, your school has chosen to do an integration with your school's information system, which sets up the classes automatically based on the information shared with us. This is shared with us through a third party called Clever (if you're in the US) or Wonde (if you're in the UK)

What is my school's student information system?

This is a software that your school has chosen to use to manage your data. For example, this could be Arbor, SIMs, Scholarpack. It is sometimes called a "management information system" or MIS.

We do not control the information that's on there, but specific information is shared with us to set up your account.

How should I add a teacher to Sumdog?

Teachers are added to Sumdog via your school's information system. Therefore, to add a teacher make sure they are being shared with us by the person at your school or district that manages the available information. 

Common problems & solutions

If the sharing isn't pulling through a teacher, here are some common issues to check for:

  • Does the teacher have an email address listed? If not, they won't be pulled through. Please note that if it's a personal email address, the account invite will go to that email account
  • Is the teacher associated with a class or group on your information system? If not, adding them to the class will set up their account
  • Does the teacher have an account already set up before the integration? If yes, or you're unsure, contact us and we'll fix this.

Please note, any changes you make on your side will makes it's way to us overnight in the nightly sync. If you need it done urgently, contact our support team. 

If your school uses Wonde, and no longer wants to sync teachers, contact our support team

If your school uses Clever, contact our support team and we can add the teacher in manually.

You can contact our support team on support@sumdog.com