How do I view and interpret Family Reports?

Family reports allow you to view key data from your children's use of Sumdog.

How to view Family Reports

  1. Go into Reports from your Parent Dashboard

    parent dashboard with Reports highlighted

  2. Click 'start' in the Family Report box

    family report box

  3. Click 'next' to move through each page until you reach the Class Report Settings page. On this page you can choose which metrics you want to view and the dates you'd like to view data for. Click 'next' after choosing your metrics

    class report settings page (parents)

How to understand Family Report metrics

The list below explains each metric you can choose to view, and what each metric shows.

Summary – This is an overall summary showing:

  • Diagnostic test result
  • Current level
  • Focus skill
  • Number of questions answered in the last 7 days

Time on Sumdog – The amount of time spent on Sumdog games in the specified time period 

Questions answered – Number of questions answered in the specified time period and grade/year group level

Correct answers – Number of questions answered correctly in the specified time period and grade/year group level

Accuracy – A percentage value calculated as the number of correct answers divided by the number of questions answered

Speed – The average time it took for a student to answer questions from a particular grade/year group level

Skill status – Color-coded table showing:

  • Yellow for skills which have been started, but not completed
  • Green for skills which have been completed
  • No color for skills which have not been started

Coins earned – A bar chart showing the number of coins won from questions answered in Sumdog

Animal ranks – A bar chart showing a comparison of the animal rank Sumdog assigns to students. The Animal rank will be based on the number of coins the student has earned since starting on Sumdog