How does the diagnostic test work?

Find out how students take the math diagnostic and what the results mean.

What is the purpose of the math diagnostic?

The purpose of Sumdog’s math diagnostic is to place students at the right level based on their ability so that we can personalize questions for each student. Once students have completed the math diagnostic, they will be given a skill to focus on when playing games on Sumdog. They will then gradually work through a skill plan aligned with their curriculum as they play games.

During the math diagnostic your students may be asked some questions that they find difficult. Please ask them not to worry. It's simply to help them get the right questions when they play the games, which won't be too difficult for them. 

Once your students complete their math diagnostic, you will get a snapshot of their current ability. The diagnostic result will show you which level your students are working at based on your school’s curriculum. You will also be able to view a detailed diagnostic report showing which skills within the curriculum your students have a good understanding of and which skills they are having trouble with.

How does the math diagnostic work?

The math diagnostic is in a multiple-choice quiz format and is designed to be completed within about 30 minutes. Students will not play games during the math diagnostic.

The diagnostic is made up of a 15 question pretest and a 40 question main diagnostic. The 15 question pretest provides numeracy questions taken from the year group below the students' current one. These questions will be used to determine the level of diagnostic questions the student sees next. If your student is working below level, don’t worry. If they are struggling with the first 15 questions, they will be asked a second set of 15 questions which are at a lower level.

The 40 question main diagnostic will provide questions drawn from a range of different math topics. These 40 questions determine the level the student is placed at. 

If students are not able to complete the math diagnostic in one sitting they can pick up where they left off when they next log in.