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How do we automatically set up our classes with Clever?

With Clever Rostering/SSO and Clever Library, your school roster will automatically be kept up to date on Sumdog

How can I get set up?

To get setup through the Clever rostering and SSO or Clever SSO only, your school district admin can send a request through Clever. Our team will then get in touch to advise on the process.

The Clever rostering and SSO set up option is currently available as part of the Sumdog premium package.

You can also email your school’s relationship manager or email support@sumdog.com for more information.

If you would like to set up through the Clever Library and you know that no other teachers at your school are using Sumdog, you can register through your Clever portal.

Why am I not able to manually move my students?

If your school is set up through the Clever rostering and SSO or the Clever Library the classes and students will be synced based on the data we received through Clever. As the school account is syncing with Clever this means that teachers are not able to manually add or move the students. If you have any new students join your class or if you need to move students between classes this would need to be done by your school district who will need to update the data on Clever.

If you are using the Clever SSO only you will still be able to manually add and move your students.

Why can't I invite a teacher to join the school?

As the accounts are being managed by the school district through Clever, only teachers who have an account on Clever and are shared with us will have access to the Sumdog account.

You will need to have your school district admin add those teachers to Clever and share their data with us.They will then have accounts created on Sumdog and will be assigned to the classes listed on Clever.

If your account is set up through Clever Library you will not be able to have other teachers added to the same school account. This is because Clever Library creates a separate Sumdog account for just your class.

If your school is using the Clever SSO only you will be able to manually add your students to Sumdog.