How do I use the pre-made assessments in the assessment library?

The assessment library contains pre-made assessments you can set for your students

This is a premium feature.

How to use the math assessment library

  1. Click 'set work' at the top of the Teacher Dashboard 
  2. Click 'create & view' in the Assessments box

    assessments card

  3. With the Assessment Library tab selected, click 'choose' next to the Assessment box to select a pre-made assessment.

    choose assessment

  4. Click on a grade to show all the pre-made assessments within that grade. Click the circle next to an assessment to select it. Once you've selected the assessment, click 'done

    select pre-made assessment

  5. Click 'choose' next to the Students box. In the popup that appears, click on 'my classes', 'my groups', or 'other classes' to show the classes/groups in your school. Click on a specific class/group to show all the students in that class/group. Check the box next to a class, group, or individual students to select the students you want to include in your assessment.

    Once you've selected all the students you want to include, click 'done'

    assessment student chooser

  6. Create the settings of your assessment:
    1. Title – Give your Assessment a title. Your students will see this title on their account and it will help them identify the activity in their Tasks list.
    2. Time allowed – This is how much time your students will have to complete the assessment once they have started it.
    3. Available from and Available until – this will be the period during which the assessment will be visible on the student’s account.

      assessment settings

  7. Click ‘set assessment’

    set assessment