How do I use Sumdog spelling challenges?

Spelling challenges allow you to set games-based practice on a particular spelling skill

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How to create a spelling challenge

  1. Ensure Spelling is selected in the top left, and click 'set work'

    Set work for spelling

  2. Click ‘set practice work’ in the Spelling Challenges box

    spelling challenges box

  3. Click ‘choose’ next to the Students box to select the students you want to include in the spelling challenge

    choose students button for spelling challenge

  4. Click on 'my classes', 'my groups', or 'other classes' to show the classes/groups in your school. Click on a specific class/group to show all the students in that class/group. Check the box next to a class, group, or individual students to select the students you want to include in your assessment.

    Once you've selected all the students you want to include, click 'done'

    assessment student chooser

  5. Click ‘choose’ next to the 'Skills to practice' box

    choose skills button for spelling challenge

  6. Select the skills you would like the students to work on. The skills you’ve selected will appear on the right. We recommend that you select 1 or 2 skills at most. This is because of the progression system, whereby students will need to get 80% accuracy in each step before they can move onto the next step or skill. Click 'done'

    choose skills for spelling challenge

  7. Optional: Click ‘add another group’ to assign different skills to another set of students, and Repeat steps 4-7

    add another group (spelling challenge)

  8. Input the settings for your challenge
    1. Title – Create a title for your challenge. We recommend a title that is related to the topic and makes sense for your students, as they will see this.
    2. Correct answer target – This is the number of questions each student must answer correctly to complete the challenge.
    3. Available from – This is when the activity will start and appear on your students’ accounts.
    4. Available until – This is when the activity will end

      spelling challenge settings

  9. Click ‘set challenge'

    set challenge button (spelling)

How to edit a spelling challenge

  1. Click 'set work'
  2. Click ‘set practice work’ in the Spelling Challenges box

    spelling challenges box

  3. Click 'view all challenges'

    view all challenges (spelling)

  4. Click 'edit' next to the challenge you would like to edit. 

    Tip: By default, the Activities page will show the challenges you've set yourself. To view challenges set by other teachers as well, click 'show all' on the bottom of the page.

    spelling challenge list with edit button circled

  5. Click ‘next' to scroll through the setup pages until you find the page with the details you would like to edit.
    1. On the 'choose students' page, you can add or remove a student from the activity. Either select or deselect a student to remove or include them in the activity, then click ‘next
    2. On the 'challenge skills' page, you can edit the skills your students will be working on. Click ‘set skills’ and select or deselect skills to add or remove them from the challenge. Click ‘save’ to save your changes.
    3. On the 'create challenge' page, you can change the start or end date or the correct answer target
  6. Click 'save' to set the challenge with the changes you've made

    save edited spelling challenge