How do I set tables practice?

The multiplication table practice allows you to set a challenge to focus your students on the multiplication tables of your choosing.

How to create a multiplication tables challenge

  1. Click 'set work' at the top of your Teacher Dashboard
  2. Click ‘focus on tables’ in the Multiplication Practice box.

    focus on tables (2)

  3. Find the challenges tool on the left side of the page. Click ‘choose’ next to the Students box to select the students you want to include in the challenge.

    choose students for tables challenge

  4. Click on 'my classes', 'my groups', or 'other classes' to show the classes/groups in your school. Click on a specific class/group to show all the students in that class/group. Check the box next to a class, group, or individual students to select the students you want to include in your assessment.

    Once you've selected all the students you want to include, click 'done'

    student chooser arrows (2)

  5. Choose the tables you want your class to focus on.

    choose students for tables challenge

  6. Optional: Click 'add another group' to assign a multiplication tables challenge to a different set of students

    add another group for tables challenge

  7. Create the settings for the challenge: 
    1. Correct answer target – Choose the number of correct answers you want your students to aim for. You can choose as few as 5 or as many as 500. When students reach the target they will be rewarded with bonus coins.
    2. Available from and Available until – Set the duration of time that the students will see the challenge in their Tasks.

      settings of tables challenge (2)
  8. Click 'set challenge' 

    set tables challenge