How do I create a competition within my school?

You can set a competition between individual students or teams within your school

In a competition, students will play games just as they would in training or challenges, but the questions they answer will count towards the competition. Each participant will be able to see their ranking or their team's ranking on a competition leaderboard on their Student Dashboard


How to create a competition between individual students

  1. Go into Set Work
  2. Click 'create & view' in the Competitions box

    competitions box

  3. Click 'create a competition'

    create a competition button

  4. Select the subject you want to set the competition for and click 'next'

    subjects for competition

  5. Select all the students you want to include and click 'next'

    edit login details (2)

  6. If you would like the skills included in the competition to be automatically chosen, click 'next' and skip to Step 8. If you'd like to choose your own skills, make sure you have the students you want to set skills for chosen in the 'select' column on the left. Click 'set skills'

    set skills button for a competition (2)

  7. Select the skills you want to assign to the students you selected previously. You can filter by levels or topics using the options in the column on the left. Click 'next'

    competition set skills page

  8. Choose the settings for your competition, and make sure to have 'as individuals' selected in the final row. Click 'create' to finish setting up your competition.

    create competition (as individuals)

How to create a competition between teams

  1. Follow steps 1 through 7 in the instructions above
  2. In the 'Students Take Part row', select 'in teams'

    take part in teams (competition)

  3. If you already have a set of team names set up from a previous competition and would like to use those team names, select the set from the dropdown menu and move on to Step 8

    competition team names

  4. If you need to create a new set of teams, click 'create a new set of team names

    new set of team names (competition)

  5. Name the set of teams you're going to create by typing in the name in the text box at the top of the page

    team set name (competition)

  6. In the text box that says 'add a new team', type in the name of one of the teams you want to create then click the check mark on the right. Repeat this step until you've created all the teams you want to create. 

    team name for competition

  7. Click 'save'

    save competition team names

  8. In the 'Team members' row, use the drop down menu next to each student's name to place them into a team. Once you've placed all the students, click 'create'

    select competition teams for students