How do I control what my students work on?

You can control the types of skills and activities students work on using the Live Controls feature

How to use Live Controls

To access Live Controls, go into Set Work and click 'Live Controls'.

live controls

The list below describes what you can do with the settings in each box on the Live Controls page:

  • Focus Work: Restrict students to certain activities (e.g. challenges, assessments, training, etc.) for an hour. 
  • Restrict Level: Set a minimum and maximum level that students can receive questions in. Please note this setting will remain in place until you change it. 
  • House and Garden: Toggle the switch to open and close the House and Garden during school hours. Please note that House and Garden are always open outside of school hours.
  • Students' Choice: Toggle the switch to turn off or turn on the ability for students to choose their own skills.
  • Select Subject: Restrict students to math, spelling, or grammar for one hour. 

Note: The settings in Focus Work and Select Subject will remain in place for one hour, while the settings in Restrict Level and Students' Choice will remain in place until you change them again.