How do I print Assessment results?

The steps for printing Mathematics Assessment results and for printing Spelling/Grammar Assessment results are slightly different.


Select the type of Assessment you'd like to print the results for:

How to print Mathematics Assessment results

  1. Click 'reports' at the top of the Teacher Dashboard
  2. Click 'assessments'

    assessments tab

  3. Click ‘report’ next to the assessment you would like to view.

    Tip: By default, only the assessments you've set yourself will be listed. To view assessments set by other teachers as well, click 'set by me' and change it to 'set by anyone'

    assessment report button

  4. Click ‘detailed report'

    detailed report

  5. On this page you'll be able to see a chart of each student's individual results. A dash in the result means that the student ran out of time and couldn't finish the question.

    Click 'print' to print the chart.

    print assessment button

How to print Spelling and Grammar Assessment results

  1. Go into Set Work
  2. Click 'create & view' in the Assessments box

    spelling assessments box

  3. Click 'results' next to the assessment you want to print the results for.

    assessment list with results button circled

  4. You will be shown a chart of students and their assessment scores. A check mark below a question means that student answered the question correctly, an X means they answered the question wrong, and a blank square means they didn't answer the question.

    Click 'print' to print the chart

    spelling assessment print button