How do I cancel my subscription (purchased through the website)?

The instructions for cancelling depend on the device you purchased from. These instructions are for cancelling a subscription purchased directly on the website.

For information on cancelling a subscription purchased through the app, click here.

How to cancel your subscription

If you purchased through the website, then you can log in to cancel your subscription using the steps below. If you need any help, contact

    1. Log into your parent account and click 'view' in the subscription box

      view parent subscription

    2. Click 'cancel subscription'

      cancel parent subscription

    3. Click 'cancel' again to confirm

      confirm parent subscription cancellation

Tips for logging into your parent account:

  • Your parent account login details are the email you signed up with and your password. If you've forgotten your password, you can reset it by clicking 'forgot your password' on the login page.
  • If you are automatically logged into your child's account when going to the Sumdog website, you will need to log out of that account. To do this, click on 'math', 'spelling', or 'grammar' and let the race-car warmup run. The warmup will finish on its own after 30-60 seconds. Afterwards you can click the 'log out' button on the bottom left of the student dashboard.