How do I add a student with a Sumdog account from their old school?

The student's old school will first need to remove them from the school account. The student will then be able to request to join their new school, which any teacher at their new school will be able to approve. 

Steps for the old school to remove the student

  1. Go into Settings and click 'manage' in the Manage Students box
  2. Click on the name of the student that needs to be removed, then drag and drop them into the 'students no longer in my school' folder
  3. Click 'done

Steps for the student to request to join their new school

  1. Log into the student account and click 'join another school.' The student will then be taken to a page where they can enter the school code for their new school.

    student account with no school or family

  2. Enter the school code and click 'send request.' 

    type in school code

Steps for the new school to approve the join request

  1. Log into your teacher account and go into Settings
  2. Click 'manage' in the Manage Students box
  3. Click 'show filters and search' on the bottom of the pageshow filters and search
  4. You should now see a notification on the left saying '1 student is waiting to join your school.' Click the notificationstudent request notification
  5. Click the box next to the student's name
  6. Click 'accept into the school'