How do QR code logins work?

QR codes are a type of barcode that can be read easily by a digital device. Sumdog QR codes are unique to each student, containing their full login details, including their password and school code.

Logging in with QR codes mean that children won't need to remember and input their login details, allowing them to log in more quickly. 

IMPORTANT: Do not share children’s QR codes publicly, as this would enable anyone from the internet to log in with that QR code to Sumdog. 

How can a student login using a QR code?

To use QR codes, children will need devices with the Sumdog app installed (version 76 or above).

There are two ways codes can be scanned:

  1. In the app itself by tapping the ‘QR login’ button

    QR login button

    A camera window will then open in the Sumdog app, so the student can scan the code directly from the app.

    image (13)

  2. Students can also use the camera on the device to scan the QR code. This will launch the Sumdog app. (version 79 and above)

Note: Devices will need to have the camera permissions switched on.

How can I find my students' QR codes?

  1. Log into your teacher account
  2. Click 'login details' in the Student Logins box on the bottom left of your teacher dashboard
  3. You’ll find a tab with QR codes
  4. You can print these or show them one at a time in the classroom on your screen.

Note: If a child's password is changed, their QR code will also change.