How can I repeat an assessment to show progress over time?

You can repeat an assessment you've already set and compare the results to see how your students have progressed in certain skills

How to repeat the same assessment

  1. First you will need to find the assessment you would like to repeat. To do this, click 'reports' at the top of the Teacher Dashboard
  2. Click 'assessments'

    assessments tab

  3. Click ‘report’ next to the assessment you would like to view.

    Tip: By default, only the assessments you've set yourself will be listed. To view assessments set by other teachers as well, click 'set by me' and change it to 'set by anyone'

    assessment report button

  4. Click 'repeat test

    repeat test button

  5. Choose the title and the date/time you'd like to repeat the assessment for. The number of questions, pupils included, and time allowed cannot be changed. This is because the Repeat Test function will compare the results of both the original and the new assessment, so the assessments must otherwise be identical. 

    repeated assessment settings

  6. Click 'repeat'

    repeat assessment button

  7. Once the repeated assessment has finished, follow Steps 1 to 3 on this page to view the assessment report.
  8. Scroll down the assessment report until you reach the 'Change over time' section. This section will show each student's correct answers from the first assessment, correct answers from the second assessment, and overall change between the two assessments.

    change over time (2)