How can I create separate groups of students which are different from their classes?

Groups can be used to organize students in your class/school roster into smaller sets. As with classes, you can view data and set work for groups, but groups have unlimited capacity. Students can also be in multiple groups at once.

How to create a group

  1. Click 'settings' at the top of your Teacher Dashboard
  2. Click 'manage' in the 'manage students' box
  3. Optional: To view all classes in your school, click 'all grades' in the Class Filter on the left.
  4. Click the blue triangle next to a class to see all the students in that class
  5. Click 'select multiple students', and select the students you would like to put in the new group
  6. Click 'set groups' at the bottom of the page
  7. Click 'add to a new group' and fill in the group details (name, assigned teachers, description)
  8. Click 'add group'
  9. You can now view your groups by clicking 'view groups' on the bottom of the Class Roster page (follow steps 1 and 2 to get to the Class Roster page).