Grammar Challenges?

  1. First of all, make sure you are in the grammar section of Sumdog. On the top left corner, under the blue bar, it should say grammar. If it says math or spelling, click it and switch it.
  2. Click 'set work'
  3. Click 'set practice work'
  4. Choose which students will be part of the challenge. You can have several groups in the same challenge, working on different skills. Next to the student field, click 'choose'
  5. Use the arrow next to ‘My classes,’ ‘My groups’ or ‘Other classes’ to expand to show your classes or groups. Check the boxes next to the names of the students you want to select, or check the box next to a class to select all the students within that class. Click ‘done
  6. Then choose which skills then students will do. Next to the skills field, click 'choose'
  7. Select the skills you would like the students to work on. The skills you’ve selected will appear on the right. We recommend that you select 1 or 2 skills at most. This is because of the progression system, whereby students will need to get 80% accuracy in each step before they can move onto the next step or skill. *Note* You can click the blue arrows next to each level to show the skills and words included within that level. Click on the ‘?’ to see some sample questions. Click ‘done
  8. If you're setting another group of students different skills, then click 'add another group' and follow the above steps choosing students and skills.
  9. Once you're ready, give your challenge a title, correct answer target and when it's available. Then click 'set challenge'