How do I set a Grammar Challenge?

  1. Ensure you have Grammar selected on your dashboard, and click 'set work'

    Set work for grammar

  2. Click 'set practice work' in the Grammar Challenges box

    grammar challenge box

  3. Click ‘choose’ next to the Students box to select the students you want to include in the spelling challenge

    choose students button (grammar)

  4. Use the arrow next to ‘My classes,’ ‘My groups’ or ‘Other classes’ to expand to show your classes or groups. Check the boxes next to the names of the students you want to select, or check the box next to a class to select all the students within that class.

    Once you've selected the students you want to include, click ‘done

    student chooser arrows (2)

  5. Click ‘choose’ next to the 'Skills to practice' box.

    choose skills button (grammar)

  6. Select the skills you would like the students to work on. The skills you’ve selected will appear on the right. We recommend that you select 1 or 2 skills at most. *Note* You can click the blue arrows next to each level to show the skills and words included within that level. Click ‘done’ after you've selected your skills.

    skill chooser for grammar challenges

  7. Optional: Click ‘add another group’ to assign different skills to another set of students. Repeat steps 4-6

    add another group (grammar challenge)

  8. Once you're ready, give your challenge a title, correct answer target, and start and end time/date. Click 'set challenge'

    set challenge button (spelling)